Stillwater Restaurant

We offer a range of seafood dishes on our menu depending on what is being caught around Tasmania and work closely with our seafood supplier to ensure only the best makes it onto the plate!

Fish Frenzy

Blue Eye Trevalla, Flathead, Trumpter, Scallops, Octopus, Flake, Harpuka, Ling, Oysters

Mures Tasmania

Mures on Victoria Dock offers fresh fish caught by their own boat and sustainable seafood products. Fishmongers and a family  orientated Seafood Bistro are both located in the Lower Deck. Seafood favourites available include Blue Eye Trevalla, Pink Ling, Salmon,...

Freycinet Marine Farm

Oysters Natural Opened Oysters Unopened Mussels live Pickled Mussels- Varieties include; Mediterranean (delicate zing) Freycinet Sunrise (warm and spicy) Pink Gin Spices (fruity and aromatic) The Pickled Fisher (naked and...