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The Tasmanian salmonid aquaculture sector is made up of three main companies, Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna (which includes Van Diemen Aquaculture). These companies are fully vertically integrated, with hatcheries, nurseries, marine grow-out, processing, value adding and retail all part of the company structure.
The salmonid aquaculture sector is the Tasmanian seafood industry’s largest sector in terms of both production and value, and therefore holds the majority of the seafood and aquaculture workforce.

77% of the salmonid industry workforce operate at the processor or marine farmer level, 18% within the management, administration, HR level and 5% within hatcheries. The Tasmanian salmonid industry has the ambition of being a $1 billion industry by 2050.
This will be achieved through improved efficiencies on existing farms, and via expansion of farming into new areas. With this expansion will come new jobs.

It is also anticipated that there will be ongoing demand for new workers to fill vacated positions. This consistent demand to fill vacated positions is an artefact of staff movements within a company, seasonal nature of harvesting, staff movements between companies and staff moving out of the sector.

Expansion into new areas will open up opportunities for employment of locals in regional communities. It is important to note there will continue to be a reliance on drive in – drive out workers for some regional areas, as the capacity and capability is not available within the local workforce.

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  • Farmgate value: $1 Billion

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